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History of Hixtown

Hixtown is the former name of the city of Villa Rica in the early-to-mid 1800s. The city began to grow when gold was discovered in the area shortly after being settled, and Hixtown, combined with the nearby town of Cheevestown, contained almost 60% of the population of Carroll County. With the construction of a new railroad line in 1882, Cheevestown and Hixtown moved and combined to create the new city of Villa Rica - The city of riches. ​

Making History

Hixtown Brewing Company owes a debt of gratitude to many of our neighbors who have supported us during our preparation to open.  The list is long, and fearing we may leave someone out, we want to say thanks to a few folks who helped us get the doors open.

Ryan-Puttin' Around

Brian and Devon-Design Floors

Carolene-Sew 4 You

Brandon-Georgia Precision Welding

Rusty Dean

Tom and Pat Large

The Crew

Head Brewer

Brian Britt

Brian is a proud Airforce Veteran that enjoyed the many styles of beer throughout his Journeys. When home he began homebrewing which turned into a hobby for over ten years with many regional and national awards for his brews. Today Brian enjoys a well made traditional German beer which inspires a lot of his recipes. Now He is able to bring those inspirations and recipes to Villa Rica for everyone to enjoy.

dj highpocket.jpeg

Join us on Tuesdays for Karaoke or Sundays for Trivia and meet DJ Highpocket. He always keeps the party going and don't for get to tip him!

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